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Kumar Vishwas claims he was offered Manchester United Manager position too

31, Aug 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: After claiming that BJP offered him Delhi’s Chief Ministership, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas said that the party offered him the coach’s role at Manchester United too, if he helped them come to power in Delhi.

In his inimitable style, Mr. Vishwas broke into an impromptu poem and said,

Jab mili naa unhe Dilli

Tab kaha humein coach ban jao

Manchester mein football sikha lena

Baas humein Dilli de jao.

As BJP leaders predictably trounced the proclamation as ridiculous, AAP leaders – several of them Manchester United fans – rushed to support what Mr. Vishwas had said.

Kumar Vishwas
Halka zaroor hun, par halke mein naa lena mujhe

“I was there at the party where this BJP leader came close to Vishwasji and suddenly began discussing football scores,” Tadapit Kumar, an ardent Manchester United fan and AAP volunteer said. “Koi bina baat ke score discuss nahin karta.” (Nobody discusses the score without a motive.)

When asked how he thought Mr. Vishwas would fare at coaching a football club, Tadapit added, “He will be brilliant, we are sure. Even during campaigning for AAP, Kejriwalji used to threaten us that if we did not do our work properly, we would have to sit with Vishwasji and listen to his poems.”

“He can use the same tactic there,” Tadapit said.