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Kumar Vishwas claims Congress using Raju Srivastav to malign his image

01, Feb 2014 By Mahapurush Mahatma

Kumar Vishwas, the poet, freedom fighter, revolutionary and AAP leader has claimed that all the controversial videos showing him as insulting various religions and communities are actually those of comedian Raju Srivastav.


“कोई पागल समझता है, कोई मजनूँ कहता है | उन आपत्तिजनक चलचित्रों में कुमार नहीं, राजू रहता है |” (Some people call me ‘yeda’, other call me eve-teaser. It’s Raju in those objectionable video, not me.)

Mr. Vishwas, who was in Amethi for repairing the hut of the Dalit family  who could never recover from the financial loss and emotional trauma after Rahul Gandhi ate away all their food a few years ago, was miffed at allegations that he had alienated the two largest and most manipulative vote banks of the country.

“Hindu Bhaiyyas and Muslim Bhais are with us. Such corrupt tactics of Congress will not work. They realized that Raju looks like me. By offering him a Lok Sabha ticket, they created those fake videos to hurt the religious feelings of Indians.”

When asked what Aam Admi Party’s response will be, he added, “ Arvind Kejriwal has constituted an independent one member enquiry committee with  Delhi’s CM as its member. The committee will examine the report submitted by an independent investigator (AAP’s president) and arrive at a decision within a week.”

He then reminded the reporters that he was in Amethi for a different purpose. “We are here to usher change, to bring swaraj.

On this, someone from the crowd shouted,”Ye BJP ka agent hai! Bol raha hai Sushma Swaraj laega! (He’s a BJP agent. He says he will bring Sushma Swaraj)”

In no time, the members of AAP surrounded him and sat on a Dharna, preventing the guy from leaving the venue. Mr. Vishwas remarked poetically, “जब तक ये धरना चलेगा, तू यहाँ से नहीं हटेगा… कद्दू कटेगा,तो सब में बटेगा | (You won’t leave till this Dharna’s over. The cut pumpkin will be distributed amongst all.)”

On the question of whether he is afraid of losing to Rahul Gandhi, he said, “I have already challenged Narendra Modi to contest from Amethi. Last night, I sent SMS to Barack Obama and David Cameroon asking them to contest from Amethi. I am afraid of no one.” And then, the poet in him got carried away and he said something that will now be added to his list of controversial comments. “डरते तो हम ‘आप’ के बाप से भी नहीं है | केजरीवाल भी अमेठी से लड़े तो हम उनको हरा देंगे |”

Realizing his mistake, Vishwas hastily retreated inside the hut. The Dalit family, confused, homeless and hungry, stared at the cameras, hoping they would capture what human eyes could not.