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Kongress hand behind Whatsapp to increase the group size limit

17, Feb 2016 By deepeshdeomurari

New Delhi. Faking news special correspondence has revealed that Kongress influenced decision of whatsapp to increase group size from 50 to 250 in two steps. Kongress party member Alsi Gandhi told Faking News, “You know, last time our party won less than 50 seats.  Our party menbers scolded analyzed each other’s drama performance. It has been concluded that it is due to intention of our 40 year old youth leader and woman activitst Rahul Baba; to have all of us in one whatsapp group. So that he can share jokesparty decisions.That time whatsapp group size was 50. So we sacrificed on less than 50 numbers”.

“Now please get over with Whatsapp forwards and do something useful”, Sonia Gandhi scolding Rahul Gandhi

Alsi is confident that now when whatsapp group increased to 250; kongress will win 240+. “It is part of our long term division of our idiot ideal Rahul Baba. Remaing seats will come by bribing inspiring other MPs and parties”.

Our reporter had been able to manage to take out some time from busy schedule of Rahul Baba while returning from his Swiss bank branch. “We all Kongress people internally suggest a solution and it will surely improve the state of women in the country. When youth will awake and take laathi charge; on our party…when our member remove poors poverty from the nation”. However, reporter managed to run away when he heard Rahul saying, “To understand this.. first you should know what Rahul is…”

That breaking news caught fire and PAAP member sat on Dharna. PAAPtard Bekar Puncharwala told Faking news, “You know previously, jokes against PAAP was reaching us in 50 mins. That time is reduced to 10 mins due to 250+ whatsapp group. This is Kongress and BJP conspiracy against us and Delhi police is involved in it”. Questioning about allegation that 250+ group size helped them to arrange more supporter; Bekar got angry and denied “We PAAPtards are faltu Aam people. See our head event manager- Kabadi Nath, Jhali Bhai and Bhangu Bhikhari. They can’t afford food (that’s why we often sponsor Dharna), smartphone to door ki baat hai but time will change”.

He found confident that the party chief will give free smartphone to all Delhi people, once he gets one. Meanwhile when asked to Whatsapp about this allegation, we heard them saying, “Accha hai.. whatsapp pe daal de.. bahut chalega”.