Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Khurshid proposes Right to Corruption

29, Oct 2012 By sssssssenator

Soon after news came out that he (Salman Khurshid) was promoted to foreign minister, he proposed Right to Corruption.

“I gave it a shot and see my reward”, said Khurshid. He further stated that “I will propose the bill in the next session of parliament. See corruption is the most fundamental thing, it is at the core of  indian  politics. Though some people make fuss about it, everyone is attracted towards it but fear if the news goes public. Adding it to fundamental rights will bring transparency into the system and everyone can make use of it.”

All political parties have welcomed this and said they will support the bill, but Social activist Kejriwal opposes the bill, on which Congress president replied “Let it be!”