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Kerala Congressman Mustafa calls Rahul a joker, outraged AIRPA contemplating stern action

02, Jun 2014 By Goparaju V. Ramesh

An association of players – AIRPA – is going beyond Congress high-command in contemplating action against Former Kerala minister TH Mustafa, who called Rahul a joker.

If State Congress committee merely suspended him for his verbal assaults that included his comparison of Rahul Gandhi with a joker, AIRPA is contemplating sterner action against him by taking rightful help of judiciary.

It feels by comparing so, Mr. Mustafa has denigrated their hero, for no fault of his, beyond anyone’s  imagination, and dented their pride and esteem for they have been his faithful followers for centuries, if not for eons.

As per the latest information, they approached a legal luminary from Vijayawada, who specialized in high-profile defamation cases.

In the meanwhile, the members of the association held a silent protest in front of the house of Mr. Mustafa in Kochi yesterday.  The placards, the protestors carried, contained following slogans:

Our hero is a winner 🙂 ,  he is a loser 🙁 : How can you compare?

With his laughing face with us, we never lose 🙂 ;  when he laughed, you lost 🙁 , when you lost, he laughed 😉 .

When people bet on him, they lost 🙁 ; when we bet on him, we seldom lose 🙂

Even with sound advisors and big organisational set-up spread across country at his disposal, he is a loser 🙁 ; even when we have dangerous triplets, with HIM and just a sequence, we can win handsomely 🙂 .

When our reporter googled about AIRPA to know more details about it, especially to know why they approached a Vijayawada lawyer, he got to know that All India Rummy Players Association has its registered head-quarters in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.