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Kejriwal’s muffler stolen; AAP threatens to go on dharna

06, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: The Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s muffler was stolen today. Sources from within the Aam Admee Party said that the muffler was stolen sometime between 9 AM and 12 noon as a photograph taken of Kejriwal at 9 AM showed him with the muffler on, while in a photograph taken after 12 noon, Kejriwal did not have the muffler on.

Kejriwal with his dear muffler
Kejriwal with his muffler

An AAP member tried filing an FIR on behalf of Mr. Kejriwal; however, the matter quickly got embroiled in the issue of jurisdiction since between 9 and 10 AM, Mr. Kejriwal was technically in Uttar Pradesh (in his Kaushambi flat) and between 10 and 12 noon, he was in Delhi. Needless to say, both the UP and the Delhi Police refused to register a case citing jurisdiction issues.

“We believe this has been perpetrated by the same people who stole Azam Khan Sahib’s buffaloes,” a senior AAP member said. “A few gangs are stealing things that are very dear to famous politicians so as to unsettle them before national elections. We have heard from reliable sources that Chidambaram’s spectacles and Rahul Gandhi’s white kurta are also on their watchlist.”

By 1 PM today, the case had blown up into a full blown (alleged) political conspiracy with each political party blaming the other. The AAP blamed the BJP for stealing the muffler. The BJP blamed the Congress for stealing the muffler so that it looked like BJP stole the muffler. The Congress blamed the AAP Chief Minister for being careless and misplacing the muffler; the party also threatened to empower more people if the muffler was not found.

By 2 PM, the Aam Admee Party had given up its search for the muffler and gone on a dharna in honor of the missing muffler.