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Kejriwal's gmail account hacked by Congress; he threatens Google CEO of dire consequences

14, Apr 2014 By ks046

On the eve of this crucial Lok Sabha election, when his counterparts Modi and Rahul are rigorously campaigning and rallying in every nook and corner using online platform, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal is finding it tough to communicate with millions of young voters through google hangout.

Sab mile huye hain ji

The reason- Kejriwal’s gmail account has allegedly been hacked by Congress. AAP spokesperson said on yesterday that when Arvind was just preparing to have a scheduled google hangout with his Uttar Pradesh supporters, he could not sign into his gmail account.

He tried the troubleshoot option and called Manmohan for the recovery code. Kejriwal had used our Prime Minister’s email id as his primary recovery option. But, Manmohan being already out of India and enjoying his grand vacation in remote Antarctica could not be communicated by him.

Kejriwal later indicted BSNL officials with corruption charges and held them responsible for such poor network services to facilitate other private telecom players.

Meanwhile, AAP supporters immediately tried to open another gmail account in Kejriwal’s name, but to their utter surprise, not even a single id starting with the name ‘Kejriwal’ was available.

Even when they tried the username- kejriwal.thecorruptleader@gmail.com, Google showed that id too was already in use. They immediately called a press conference and blamed it on the BJP supporters for opening billions of fake accounts in the name of Kejriwal and thus attributing to the username crisis.

On the backdrop, Kejriwal got angered at this development and called Google CEO Larry Page using Reliance telecom’s 4G network. He vented out his ire and threatened Larry with dire consequences had he not get back his original account within 24 hours.

Fearing a backlash, Google was prompt in action. They immediately called FBI for help and traced Manmohan in Antarctica using a spy satellite. Later, they reset the password of Kejriwal’s account and everything returned back to normalcy.

Finally Kejriwal put up a smiling face and promised Google to consider their proposal of making it mandatory for every Indian citizen to have a gmail id and abolishing all other email ids of rediffmail and yahoo after the election result is out and AAP gets the single majority to form the next government in centre.