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Kejriwal's floral crown reduces pollution level in Delhi

29, Jun 2016 By bumbegum

Delhi: Kejriwal’s floral crown went viral over the internet, mostly being mocked by people on social media. But finally Mr.Kejriwal spoke on this matter to reveal that supporting the floral crown on his head helped to reduce pollution level in Delhi, something he is extremely concerned about.

Floral crowns will curb the soaring pollution level.
Floral crowns will curb the soaring pollution level.

Mr. Kejriwal came out with this shocking reason with some full proof research and facts. He showed the media in a press conference, the decrease in level of pollution in the city, and the sole reason behind it was the floral head wear.

Kejriwal also motivated other citizens to support the look which will help reduce the pollution in the city. He has asked families to assign the floral crown to one member for one day. For example, father wears the crown on Monday, mother continues it on Tuesday and so on. This will be the most cost effective way to reduce soaring pollution level in the city.

Odd-Even rule was not the end for Kejriwal regime and hence he came up with this innovative idea to curb pollution in the city. AAP leaders are supporting this fashion by wearing the crowns to work and market place. Kejriwal wishes to make it a trend amongst the youth instead of imposing it as a rule, unlike the odd-even scheme.

We will wait and see how this plan works out for the Delhi government and how many masses are attracted to this innovative idea introduced by Mr.Kejriwal. We will update our readers as the events will unfold.