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Kejriwal wins Lifetime Achievement Award for reality shows

15, Apr 2014 By Ulta-pulta hawa

The World Reality Shows Association (WRSA) today awarded Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Lifetime Reality Show Acting Award, at a special meet held at Laughing Glacier, Antarctica.

Arvind Kejriwal
Happy Kejriwal

While this sudden development caught many by surprise, reality show experts were unanimous in their fulsome praise of Arvindji’s aam exploit series and said this award was entirely expected.

The WRSA spokesperson said, “An unprecedented performance call for an unprecedented response and WRSA has done just that by calling an urgent meeting and deciding on the award. Never before in history of reality shows has anyone performed such creative acts in such a short time”.

Simultaneously, the Guinness Book of World Records made an announcement that Arvindji now holds the record of winning lifetime achievement award in quickest possible time in any significant field.

As per WRSA spokesperson, his performances started merely last December, and then made impressive progress with sterling plays in Delhi Assembly, which them metamorphosed into further impromptu reality road shows in Gujarat, refined further in Varanasi , with the climax reached in Delhi yesterday, with a resounding miming act at Rajghat.

Even more impressive is the automated choreography which Arvindji has developed where the in the latest instant, he gets slapped, then the supporters slap the person as well as raise hint of conspiracy by the major corrupt parties and then next day apologize to the person when they find he is their own supporter.

Thus all in a matter of mere 4 months, Arvindji has turned out an astonishing performances of unparalleled variety. Taking a suo moto cognizance of this as a Public Interest Award application (PIAA), the WRSA called an adhoc meeting and announced the award.

When an intrepid reporter asked WRSA as to what award will be given for future performances of Arvindji, the WRSA spokesperson laughed and mentioned that with his latest exploits, Arvindji has gone way beyond the award-giving expertise level of WRSA. In fact, she said, all future award by WRSA will be names as Arvind Kejriwal Awards and with sub categories like Aam Aadmi Award, Meri Aukat Nahi Hai Award, Anti-Ambani Award, to name a few.

Buoyed by this success, and with a view to measure popularity of such open source reality show industry, TAM Media Research, the agency measuring popularity of TV shows, proposed to the Election Commission to keep a separate measurement box to rank candidates in terms of their reality show performances.

This was immediately shot down by the EC, which feared that once the inevitable results of this measurement box is known, Arvindji will immediately proceed to Jantar Mantar and announce there that this box is the real ballot box, accuse the regular ballot boxes of being followers of Ambani and declare their gathering as the real parliament.

He may further call the current institutions also as crony ones controlled by Ambani and pass laws which will include formation of Mohalla Election Commissions and Swaraj Courts.

Arvindji’s open source licensed performances have put to shame the paid and proprietary performances on established channels. When asked about secret of his success, Arvindji did not return our calls, but an AAP supporter mentioned that paid performances in reality shows in regular channels are all supported by Ambani and Arvindji performances will beat them hollow any time. As per some reports, the leading bollywood producers tried rushing to Delhi to sign up Arvindji. However they were blocked by a dharna by all the Aam Indian TV channels, who claimed that Arvindji’s acts should remain under the GPL open source license terms, as they do not want to pay for them. Arvindji immediately concurred as he felt that the paid programs were all owned by Ambani and in fact he instantly also announced a 50% waiver for any past dues which TV channels have towards Film and Music companies for such paid programs.

This is the last report filed by this reporter, before going underground, as AAP has already put him on list of media persons to be arrested after the Swaraj Courts are constituted. The reporter, reportedly, will be sentenced to slap Arvind and then be thrashed by AAP supporters, every day, for 6 months, and in addition, will have to listen to his apology the subsequent day as well.