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Kejriwal to takeover Congress

30, Mar 2015 By Ravi Raman

New Delhi: Details are slowly emerging about one of the most audacious takeover bids, one that may very well reshape the Indian political system. After tightening his grip on the Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal has now set his sights on Congress, which has been reeling from its poll debacles, missing leaders and desertion by regional satraps.

Kapil Sibal welcoming Kejriwal
Kapil Sibal welcoming Kejriwal

In its current leaderless state, the Congress appears to be vulnerable to just such a bid, though investment analysts and political pundits have expressed their doubts of Kejriwal’s ability to garner the necessary funds. Speaking on the condition of strict anonymity, one former Congressman turned political pundit said,”it may not be as ludicrous a proposition as it seems. Both Kejriwal and Congress have shown similar aptitudes for changing track as deemed fit and it could very well be a match made in heaven.”

Striking a dissonant chord, one manager at an MNC investment outfit said that Kejriwal’s desire may outstrip his reach. “We are talking about a party with an ingrained sense of family values and it maybe difficult for a newcomer to raise enough resources to numb that feudal spirit.” But discontented Congress workers point out that,”we are basically hoping Vice President Rahul Gandhi will come in and save the day,” adding that this seemed more unlikely with each passing day.

When asked how Kejriwal can manage resources, another pundit-cum-lobbyist said, “Money will be the least of the problems.” Convincing the old guard to accept a decent-sized Golden Parachute will be crucial, he added. If things go as planned, Kejriwal may just invite leaders in and from other states to accept a non-voting share deal.

While many Congressmen are openly admiring the way he kicked off founding members Yadav and Bhushan, to the general janta, Kejriwal may even appear as the White Knight who rescued Congress.