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Kejriwal to start A.A.P. News, disappointed with other paid news channels

10, Mar 2014 By Sarcasm

After the resignation of Arvind kejriwal some secret sources revealed that AAP is going to start their own news channel. The name may be A.A.P News as some said.

The name is not confirmed yet, but rumors are at its peak that it’s the first news channel going to start without any businessman’s sponsorship.

AAP supporters celebrating the news.

“We don’t like taking sponsorship as ‘sub Chor hai‘”  one insider insisted with the promise of not being exposed in fakingnews report.

“Exertion of AAP can be seen easily to stay in news channels, so they are now starting their own,” a BJP Supporter said after he found this news.

As Arvind kejriwal is not a CM, the work now he has to do is to promote his party on TV. He has been doing this very efficiently & gently since formed the party. But, after the resignation (Which was also breaking news on channels for two days) he is very disappointed with the attitude of TV channels towards their party. After repeatedly avoiding efforts of AAP to go live on TV channels AK has now decided to fight this battle on his own without any support.

When asked an insider about the program on this news channel that person explained very clearly & planned schedule. “We will have 6 AM to 9 AM the program name EXPOSED!. Here we will go with spy cam and will expose other parties every morning.”

“Then we will have THE WORKS OF APP,  which will display our netas going as a common man around India & the showing grim reality of India.”

“We have a special dedicated 3 hours for the program named ARVIND KEJRIWAL which would display…. (Then our reporter interrupted & stopped him)”

When asked that whether you will try to expose your workers if time will come, he then replied very honestly that “We are honest people, they are the other parties that do such things not us, we are here to stop corruption not……… (Please read some of the previous press conferences of APP netas for more)”.

When contacting about who is going to fund this news channel he then hastily replied, “We are not taking funds from any businessman, we don’t want to use black money in our channel.

“We want to show what is actually happening in India, other news channels are paid news channels, they would show really of other parties over us. We want to stop this & so, that is why we are going to take this serious step to change this nation,” he went on.

“We won’t display any ads on our channel as it’s not for money , it’s for changing the nation,” he then stopped.