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Kejriwal to publish a new book - 'Scam Of Thrones'

25, Mar 2014 By thatsallfolks

In a seven book series entitled ‘A Song of Milk And Tea’, AAP founder Arvind Kejriwal has recently revealed his first book in the series called ‘Scam Of Thrones’. The book series is based on the recent political ups and downs and highlights the upcoming and much awaited Lok Sabha Elections 2014.

“It will be a battle between seven different houses with all aiming to battle each other to death for the much targeted and spoken Prime Ministerial post of the democratic country in the fictional land called Indus Valley”, the AAP spokesperson Sanjay Singh said in an exclusive interview with reporter Kranti.

The first book will include various tales and POVs of various Indian politicians. It will focus mainly on how the much hooted Aam Aadmi Party won a fierce war against corruption by shaking hands with the most corrupted party of the country.

“We have thought of various Scams that have happened in our motherland for years and in order to bring that in notice to our readers we thought of writing them in a book and publishing it.”, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday.

On being questioned about the relevance of the book title with the international bestseller, the question was turned down and it was said to be one of the scams of bestselling author George RR Martin.

Yehi toh scam hai. Iski toh jaanch honi chahiye“, Kejriwal added his trademark dialogue.

The only information revealed is that the sigil of the House AAP will be a blue Wagon R wrapped in a muffler and their words being ‘Modi is coming’ as reported by some sources of the reporter Kranti. All the money received by the much talked about Aam Aadmi Party’s recent launch will go into the party funds.

“I am very much excited about the book and my exclusive chapter in the book in which I do nothing except clicking selfies and tweeting”, tweeted the AAP Chandigarh candidate Gul Panag.

The thought of writing a book on Indian politics was considered as ‘Krantikari’ by our reporter Kranti and having said that once and not being satisfied with it, he also added ‘Bohot Krantikari’.