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Kejriwal to protest for Lok Sabha re-election

03, Jun 2014 By amitks

All senior AAP spokespeople have confirmed that Kejriwal would hold a protest at the symbolic Ram Leela maidan for Lok Sabha re-elections across the country.

Miffed at his party’s drubbing and most importantly that of Gul Panag in Chandigarh against veteran Kirron Kher, Kejriwal has decided to sit on an anshan, aamaran or not, once he is out of jail.

Sources say they did not go close enough to Kejri for fear of contracting TB like disease, but it seemed to sound like anshan. Kejri blamed EC to act at the Congress’ and BJP’s behest, one being outgoing and other incoming government and not banning any AAP leader and thereby devoiding it of any publicity. Please note that EC was biased enough to even ignore Vishwas and there is already a clear uproar over his capabilities (to draw EC’s attention, Amethi would not vote him anyway).

When asked if Kejriwal would use similar old fashioned anshan tactic of  “lying on the road”, the party’s internal department of spokespeople unanimously said that it would largely depend upon the weather conditions but we would still be taking people’s view on the matter. The party would be sending out smses with four to five anshan methods and would choose the one most voted.