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Kejriwal to protest against stock market rally

03, Apr 2014 By wackyankit

After the eighth consecutive day when the Sensex and Nifty soared to record highs, Kejriwal organized a press conference to explain the role of Ambani and Adani in this corrupted trend.

Sab chor hain

He explained to the media that Mukesh Ambani was buying all the shares from the market, resulting in this market rally. He further went on to say that this was highly detrimental to the Aam Aadmi (common man) as they will have to buy lesser shares in the exact amount of money.

Kejriwal said, “Ye Modiji ki rallies ka nateeja hai ki stock market mein bhi rally aa gayi. Kya iss desh ka bhala karna chahte hain vo?

He also dodged some useless questions regarding police cases against Sheila Dikshit and Suresh Kalmadi.

Making his stand clear that his fight was against corruption, and not any individual, he went on to confirm that he would be contesting against Narendra Modi and no one else.

Invitations have been sent out to unknown people via SMS, inviting them over for a peaceful protest and Dharna in Delhi on Wednesday. The venue has not yet been selected, but the Gujarat Bhavan is a likely option, said the party spokesperson Ashutosh Gupta.

Ashutosh also announced that permission to sit on the gates of the building have been granted by the Delhi Governor. On being asked as to why the protest was taking place far away from the NSE building, AAP volunteers gave eggs and ink to the journalists and proclaimed them to be stock market agents.

The following plan was sent to our office by the AAP officials.

1200-1300 hours                                                                          DR. KUMAR VISHWAS’ SHAYARI SESSION

1300-1400 hours                                                                    JAAVED JAAFERI’S DANCE TRAINING PROGRAM

1400-1500 hours                                                                                   GUL PANAG’S ACTING CLASSES

1500-1600 hours                                                                 CAPTAIN GOPINATH’S MANAGEMENT TRAINING

1600 hours and beyond                                                   PRESENCE OF SRI SRI ARVIND KEJRIWAL JI HIMSELF

Everyone invited is required to carry along a copy of the Indian constitution in times of an emergency lathicharge during the peaceful candle protest. Kejriwal Ji is assured that the market shall fall back to the standard level of 18000 and the Rupee will go to the magical number of 69 against the dollar. This will ensure that Wal-mart and other crony capitalists do not enter the Indian market.

The party also committed to releasing its Lok Sabha election manifesto only a day before the elections as they know that BJP will copy and paste it to Modiji’s agenda.