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Kejriwal to contest for UN top spot; burns his Varanasi ticket and leaves Modi

26, Mar 2014 By faking

A Kejriwal burning his Varanasi ticket
A Kejriwal burning his Varanasi ticket

Everybody in the country is talking about development in Gujrat but Kejriwal never received the news of development. He said in his almost crying tone “Kab hui development, hume to pata hi nahi chala!“. It seems Modi had never cared to tell an aam admi, like him, on the development done in Gujrat.

AAP members decided to send Kejriwal on a Gujarat vacation, funded by Aam Admi donations.  Adamant on finding development, he decided to search in the remotest of the Gujrat villages. On reaching there, what he found shook his belief in humanity & Mukesh Ambani.

He found the roads in the remotest villages were high speed racing standards but there were no pot-holes. He alleged that nobody drove on those roads as there were no pot-holes. He termed them “useless”.

He found that there were hospitals in the village but there were no patient in the hospital. He was quoted saying “What is the use of developing hospitals when nobody falls sick.”

He felt fooled & said, “Mera to kejriwal ho gaya“. He decided to stop fighting corruption & fight Modi instead. Everything was going fine but then Ashutosh came running to him & said, “Gujarat has received United Nations Public Service Award , in the category ‘Improving Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Public Service’.” Even Kejriwal was surprised as why there was no spelling mistakes, Ashutosh said cleverly, “I copied & pasted”.

Kejriwal got angry that UN stole his party’s agenda & gave it to Modi. He said that all this while he was thinking that Mukesh Ambani was driving the country (whatever that means..) but now he came to know that Ambani is also controlling the UN.

He now plans to do a dharna in front of the UN office with very krantikari slogans. He, for the first time, has decided to fight the UN top post’s elections (whatever that is..) without seeking a referendum from his supporters.

Meanwhile, AAP supporters, who are stuck with the party as they have already paid donation to AAP & cant disown them, are now planning to send Euros to AAP. They have been complaining about the high exchange rates & have been told to do dharna in Honolulu.