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Kejriwal to contest for one LS seat from each state

21, Mar 2014 By modernengineer

It is a well known fact that Kejriwal is contesting from Varanasi against the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP.

Aam Kejriwal Aadmi
Aam Aadmi

However, if sources are not to be believed, Kejriwal may break the norms of politics by contesting for 1 LS seat from each state of the country. That Kejriwal is in a hurry to gain the top post of the country and then maybe resign from it is general knowledge. But what is amazing is how he has decided to leave all speculations behind and break all norms of politics by contesting from each state.

Arvind Kejriwal is a strong believer in himself and knows that he has no boundaries. However with him threatening to put the media behind bars, Kejriwal is worried that Media might not give him the required coverage. So, he might have to campaign from state to state for his candidates.

And as he has seen that Gujarat, the role model for development is so under developed that he posts pictures from a remote village on the internet, he understands the condition of other states. Therefore since he will be visiting each state of the country for his candidates, he might as well contest a seat from each state to effectively utilize the time spent in each area.

It is also being said that he might contest against the Chief Ministers or Prime Ministerial candidates from each party/state. Kejriwal feels after defeating Sheila Dixit from her own place in Delhi, he can win these elections too if he defeats each CM/PM candidates from around the country.

His supporters have as usual welcomed the decision with roaring dharna which will be held simultaneously in each state as a mark of respect for Mr. Kejriwal. What remains to be seen is whether Kejriwal will be able to dig up dirt on each of his opponents as he has done with Modi or just shuffle the old sets of dirt such as corruption, incompetence, underdevelopment etc.

In order to establish people’s faith in him Kejriwal is currently also having lots and lots of ice cream and cold drinks to retain his coughs of honesty. With the onset of summer Kejriwal finds it hard to keep coughing  without a cold, hence this drastic measure.

There is also an apparent betting going on as to when and why Kejriwal will resign from PM’s post if he pulls this off and manages to become PM of India.