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Kejriwal threatens to expose Sunny Leone as well; Leone asks “which part?”

26, Apr 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

An already over exposed Sunny.
An already over exposed Sunny.

Varanasi: After doing pioneering work in exposing various corporate and political entities, Arvind Kejriwal today threatened to expose certain macabre machinations behind the rise of Sunny Leone as well. Speaking to reporters from Varanasi, from where he is contesting the national elections, Kejriwal said that there had been a disproportionate rise in Ms. Leone’s “assets”, ever since she joined Bollywood.

Humein khabar mili hai kee Sunnyji kee picturon mein sab Ambani ya Adani ka paisa laga hai,” Mr. Kejriwal said. “Yeh desh ke hit mein nahin hai.

“Prashant, Yadavji and a lot of other AAP volunteers are sitting together in a closed room and looking into this,” he added. “In fact, we saw a mad rush of people wanting to register for the Aam Admee Party when we announced that we were investigating Ms. Sunny Leone.”

Meanwhile, Google’s India servers crashed as concerned Indian citizens rushed to the internet to check how much Ms. Leone’s ‘assets’ had increased. When questioned about the development, Ms. Leone shrugged and simply asked the AAP to let her know what they wanted exposed.