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Kejriwal to teach traffic rules, more U-turns to be provided

12, Dec 2016 By Kumar Anurag

New Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi CM has passed a resolution to teach motorists on rules regarding traffic on roads. Mr Kejriwal, an expert himself at making U-turns will soon be seen revealing the secrets on how, where and how many U-turns to make.

Keeping an eye on every u-tuns
Keeping an eye on every u-tuns

Delhi Police welcomed his decision and called it as a remarkable day in the History as the Delhi CM could finally be of some use to the general public. “We are proud of Mr. Kejriwal and the nation knows how good an expert he is at making U-turns which is a rule Indians seem not to learn in their entire lives. We welcome his decision and hope he wins 70/70 in the next elections,” Senior Police Officer Mr. Mere Baap ki Road said.

They are also planning on widening the concept and making the defaulters swear on their children to not repeat their mistakes. The government said this policy is an extension to the legendary Odd-Even policy imposed earlier this year. People seemed happy with this policy as there is no limit on the number of U-turns one can make in his/her lifetime.

Mr. Kejriwal also took the opportunity to fulfill his official duty to criticize Mr. Modi. “Modi Ji is not letting me work for the people as he has closed all the medians on my route and there are absolutely no U-turns for me to make. The poor are suffering due to this, he is a coward and psychopath,” said an ever charming ‘Kejru’ as people often call him. Mr. Salman Khan, the person who won the ‘Driver of the Year’ award in 2002 said, “This decision is just like God himself teaching a devotee how to pray.”