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Kejriwal sues Imran Khan for using "Dharna-Style" against their govt without his permission

20, Aug 2014 By Akash

The Hague, Netherlands. World’s most talked about anti-curroption crusader and self proclaimed most honest man living, also known as “The Dharna Man” in his native country India, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal today filed a complaint against renowed ex-cricketer Imran Khan & Cleric Tahrir-ul-Qadri of Pakistan in International Court of Justice here in The Hague.

Arvind Kejriwal
“That’s my style ji”

In his complain he blamed Mr. Khan and Mr. Qadri for stealing his style of “Dharna” against their government without his permission or even acknowledging him. He also distributed a copy of patent he got when he was Chief Minister of New Delhi for his protesting style of “Dharna”.

In a press conference he said ,” It’s us who discovered that “Dharna” is an important tool to protest against a corrupt government. We have also got it patented so that no one can claim it. Now, in our neighbouring country these blinkered politicians are openly using our style of functioning without my permission or even acknowledging us even once through out the protest.|They might have even surpassed us in gathering of people against their government. They don’t know how big success they are about to get using our style and they are not even crediting me for this.”

After taking few seconds break because of cough , he continued,”I am a person who is honest and support honesty. Here Mr. Khan and Mr. Qadri are being very dishonest by copying my style. I am against it. This being an International matter I have filed my complaint in International Court of Justice. Aur waise bhi India may saare chor hai(And everyone is thief in India) so there is no point in filing complaint in Supreme Court of India. I hope Aam Aadmi Party will get justice asap.” he ended.

Spokesperson of BJP, the ruling party in India, Mr. Rajiv Party Rudy told Faking News ,” This is new publicity stunt of Mr. Kejriwal to be in news again so that he can fetch some votes in upcoming Delhi elections after this recent poll debacle of AAP. No one can claim a copyright on the form of protest. This is Pakistan’s internal problem and they are dealing it their own way who is Mr. Kejriwal to claim credit for their happenings. This is anarchy he is creating and we are against it. Though we will be happy to invite new head of Pakistan if Mr. Sharif resigns because of these protests.”

Meanwhile AAP workers who were prosaic till yesterday are now filled with great excitement and seems galvanized after this incident. They can be seen in abundance in metros , bikes and roads wearing the AAP Cap in the capital city of India, debating unnecessarily on “Kejriwal-Modi” with the every next person they meet.

This erratic behavior Mr. Kejriwal can be said as “The Curious Case of Kejriwal”. He is and will remain interesting through out his life irrespective of the verdict of the court(ICJ).