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Kejriwal shows proof of Modi-Paytm deals: Demonetization

03, Dec 2016 By Rochak mehta

New Delhi: 22 days after demonetization Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in a new trouble. Yes, its, Delhi Chief Minister and president of Aam Aadmi Party Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

"Please stop such deals, Mr. PM", Kejriwal
“Please stop such deals, Mr. PM”, Kejriwal

On 9th of November Kejriwal tweeted: “Paytm biggest beneficiary of PM’s announcement. Next day PM appears in its ads. Whats the deal, Mr PM?”

Kejriwal accused PM Modi for having deal with Paytm over implementing demonetization policy.

Yesterday 30th Nov 2016, Kejriwal called a press conference (Specially invited NDTV reporters)  shows proof of a deal between Mr Modi and Paytm. Where he showed one and half page of Image screenshots taken out from Paytm app.

Our reporter got the copy of the proof which Kejriwal showed during press conference. After thorough analysis of the proof copy we found Kejriwal’s allegations as true.

Modi and Paytm has a deals, where Modi has to make an announcement of demonetiation between 8-10 Nov and in exchange Paytm will give 75 rupees cashback in his wallet on minimum recharge of Rs 300/-.