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Kejriwal seeks referendum to get “Sultanate” status for Delhi, wants CM post to be redesignated as "Shehenshah"

07, Jul 2015 By Golden Tooth

New Delhi. In yet another breaking news from Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal government is mooting for a Greece style referendum to designate National Capital Territory of Delhi as “Delhi Sultanate”, a term popular in medieval period. The AAP honcho has reportedly written a letter to Delhi’s Urban Development Department to explore if a Greece-style referendum can be held in the capital on the issue.

Speaking to Faking News, Deputy CM, Manish Sisodia said, “Over the past month we have felt that central government has too many overruling powers. According to an internal whitepaper of AAP, Delhi cannot progress until CM has sovereign powers. Apart from the sultanate status, we are also seeking redesignation of CM post as Shehenshah and deputy CM as Naib Wazīr-e Aʿlá.

“Over the months we have made sure that Delhi is more famous than ever in India, with the proposed change Delhi would make headlines throughout the world,” said the would be Naib Wazīr-e Aʿlá.

Shehenshah Kejriwal?
Shehenshah Kejriwal?

Faking New correspondent asked how is AAP seeking statehood for Delhi when no capital in the world is a state. The Wazīr-e Aʿlá said, “We said that, we are a party of iconoclasts, a party with difference. We take the road that is less travelled by and that’s what has made the disasters difference so far.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, Rowhit Nigam (name changed), a close AAP associate said, “You can see Arvindji  seem to have taken a leaf out of sultan Alauddin Khilji’s book. Arvindji  has managed to curb the initial 3-4 revolts just like Khilji after accession to throne. Like Khilji, he has already started working on snooping on bureaucrats. Similarly, on economic front he is expected to execute prince control measures through his VAT gift. The biggest similarity being that he has already moved over Delhi and is working towards political expansion outside Delhi  à la Khilji. I have no doubt, he would do wonders to  Delhi, if he is given full control over the state.”

Speaking to Faking news, a veteran political expert rued: “With statehood, Delhi CM would control the police. How just by having police under its control the purported shehenshah is expected to bring Utopia in Delhi? Rather getting envious of powers of other CMs, he should make other CMs envy of his work.”

Speaking on the development, BJP veteran L.K Advani  said, “How can you give sovereign powers  to CM?  You forgot  sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq?  He too was  scholar of logic, philosophy, mathematics and physical sciences, but still he ruined Delhi by his eccentricities. Forces that can crush democracy are stronger… I don’t have the confidence it cannot happen again. As somebody has said Tyranny and anarchy are never far apart.”

Meanwhile AAP has launched an online campaign to force Iran to return the Peacock throne (Takht-i Tāvūs) to its rightful owner.