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Kejriwal scolds makers of candle-advt, Ashutosh was on screen but not visible in final footage

25, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal is apparently not happy with the makers of the brand-new candle advertisement for hugely missing out AAP senior leader Ashutosh from the advertisement footage. He has scolded the adverting company for making the candle background extra dark due to which senior AAP leader Ashutosh is not at all visible in the advertisement footage which is being repeatedly broadcasted on national channels across the country 24 x 7.

He could have been seen on news channels non stop, again.
He could have been seen on news channels non stop, again.

An insider AAP source spoke to us on the conditions of anonymity. He said – “Actually the candle which is shown in the advertisement was not alone as it seems. Our leader Ashutosh ji was holding that candle all the time while the advertisement was being shot. We were all there at the sets. But somehow when the final version of the footage came out Ashutosh ji was not visible at all due to the dark background and only the candle is visible. We all were so shocked and afraid that we did not inform Kejriwal ji or Ashu ji and sent the footage to media directly. Later when they saw the advertisement on television they poured their anger on the advertising agency, but until then it was too late.”

Some advertising experts are actually blaming bad lighting instruments used during shoot for this huge miss. Advertising guru Sohlaad Jhakkar has even called it a lighting disaster. He said – “Lighting on the sets and makeup of the actors, both of these are important parameters which an ad film director has to handle with great care. Screwing up on any one of them can have seriously bad results. Therefore looking at the skin tone and features of the actor, and adjusting ambient lighting according to it, is quite crucial.” – Jhakkar said.

He further continued – “All in all if the ad film maker also believes completely in the philosophy behind that ad then the result always comes out right. Here I would also term this as a failure of the vision behind the advertisement and a clear-cut disconnect between ad-makers and customers who requested the ad.” – Jhakkar concluded.

This gigantic screw-up by ad agency is apparently not being taken well by AAPs financial think-tank also. AAP’s head of Analytics and Finance Dr. Kumar Vishwas has reportedly refused to pay 263 crores (half the amount of 526 crores) to the ad agency because of this contractual “non-adherence” to pre-decided outcome of the ad.