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Kejriwal says, by tweeting about movies he finally gives India the “Honest Critic” they deserve

07, Aug 2015 By adiakkss

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal recently grabbed attention (again) on Twitter after having praised Drishyam and calling it “A must watch”. The movie that had a sluggish opening, inspite of rave reviews is now known to be running packed shows in many screens post this. A theater owner in Delhi happily confirmed the development saying he did have the next 3 shows running house-full and selling 1.1k tickets for this movie alone, a number which incidentally adds up to the retweets for Kejriwal’s tweet.

To this, the cinema owner winked and said it all adds up. The news went a few notches up after a collection of his past tweets on movies went viral on social media – These were mostly “A Must watch” for past movies like PK, Gabbar is Back, Bang Bang and Masaan.

We tried to get in touch with Mr. Kejriwal to get his opinion on this and luckily got through.

Inspired by Drishyam. Effect of late night movies like Akshay Kumar.
Inspired by Drishyam. Effect of late night movies like Akshay Kumar.

AK: Do minute hain ji aapke paas, kuch ban hua tha June me uske baad se do minute khali mil hi jate hain.

Aam Aadmi: Social media is abuzz with stories of you spending too much time on movies. Your take?

AK: Toh ye baat hai (AK is texting someone).

Give me a moment, calls someone: Haan ji, jo text kiya hai wo abhi lagwa dena ji hoardings pe.

(Turns back to us) How much is exactly too much? Jitni movies aati hain wohi to dekhta hoon ji. Mere Kuchh counterparts to torrent download karke dekhte hain free mein….(grins). And why shouldn’t I watch good movies! The Drishyam creators asked me to watch it in my leisure time, and yes it was a good movie. Director saab ne “Jo Kaha Wo Kiya”.

Aam Aadmi: Sir, watching movies is one thing, but regularly commenting on them is perhaps sending the wrong message amongst the Aam Aadmi that their CM is spending a lot of time doing just this

AK: Wohi toh… just goes to show I haven’t changed a bit. Ek Aam Aadmi kya chahta hai. Yehi naa ki Mon-Fri kaam karne k baad kuch time family ya doston k saath bitaye. I epitomize the common man of this country and unless I am in their shoes doing what they do best, how do you expect me to solve their problems? This isn’t just entertainment, this is having ears to the ground. And Aam Aadmi needs an honest critic these days anyway who can give an unbiased opinion. When it comes to honesty, I dare anyone to think beyond me – I am the one they need and deserve.

Aam Aadmi: But Sir…

AK: And btw I am a proponent of good cinema. Something we are heavily endorsing in our support for FTII stir too. You watch the collection of my tweets being circulated – each movie has a certain standing in the society today.

Aam Aadmi: ?

AK: Ok I get the smirk, Bang Bang was for a friend, just like you always ‘Like’ a friend’s post on Facebook. ‘Gabbar is Back’ was because the protagonist was doing the police’s job. You see the similarities. In fact, the ticket counter guy didn’t have the change money and I was helped by a Delhi cop patrolling that area. “Thulla…rakhta hoon hamesha Khulla”, he said and I replied “I get it dude, watched that one too”.

Aam Aadmi: Yes but I was asking..

AK: bahut pooch liya ji, do minute hi to agree kiye the, wo bhi aage naa ho paaega.. I heard they are coming back.

We were leaving the office and had just turned off the recorder when one of his associates claimed-

Aur humlog relax karne k liye kya karein? TV, Akhbaar aur baahar hoardings me humare hi charche hain. Bajrangi bhaijaan ne kaamaye nai use zyada to kharche hain. We also need to switch off from work, right? Protecting the beautiful in Delhi isn’t an easy job”

On the way back home, I could see a hoarding saying:

Pradhanmantri Sir,

Please Dilli Sarkar ko Aaraam bhi karne dijiye

Dilli Sarkar thik se Aaram kar rahi hai

(Dilli Sarkar…AAP ki Sarkar)

It all adds up!