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Kejriwal resigns, applies for Ivy League business schools

31, Dec 2013 By hitanshu

In a stunning turn of events, the newly crowned Chief minister of Delhi handed over his resignation to Governor citing approaching application deadlines for admissions to Ivy league B-Schools.

Mission accomplished.
Mission accomplished.

Staying true to his manifesto of honesty and integrity, Kejri was quick to assert that his sole aim was to get a bullet point worthy of HBS in his curriculum vitae, and with a day as CM of Capital State of the largest democracy, he believes he has completed his tenure just enough to get the CV ratified and that he can continue to work on his GMAT and essays now on.

Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung has not only accepted his resignation but has also very kindly consented to offer a letter of recommendation to Mr. Kejriwal. Citing smooth processing of application, some of the MLAs’ from Congress have offered “unconditional” letters of recommendation as well. Other cabinet ministers are in shock over the decision of Mr. Kejriwal, with Mr. Manish Sisodia remarking, “It was decided to split the Ivy League universities between the cabinet evenly.“

Social activist Mr. Anna Hazare has backed the decision alluding to his recent US visit, “US jaane ka decision achha hai. Koi aur hota to gaddi ka bhookha ho jata, lekin Arvind apni (bhartiya prodyogiki sansthaan vaali) jadon se juda raha.[Decision to go to US is very good. Anyone else would have been blinded by power but Arvind has been true to his (IIT) roots]”

This decision has sent shock waves through Mr. Modi’s camp as well, disconcerting his original decision to wait for LS 2014 to lodge his own application with a bigger bullet point of “Prime Minister of the most secular country” as opposed to “three CM tenures of Gujrat”.

Mr. Modi’s camp is of the view that with both Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Modi weighing a similar bullet point in their CV, and a better preparation index before GMAT for Mr. Kejriwal might just be enough to trump Mr. Modi in HBS.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, on the third end, was sighted boasting his Cambridge degree (ahem ahem, in development studies!), and the lack of ambition from his side coupled with good performance from Mr. Modi and Mr. Kejriwal, might see him through to 7 Race Course in another five months time.