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Kejriwal requests Election Commission to hold pre-elections before general elections only for AAP

04, Mar 2014 By Akhil Gupta

Our Faking News reporters got this information from a secret source in election commission that last month Mr. Kejriwal requested Election Commission of India to hold pre-elections before general elections only for AAP.

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As he said earlier that he is fighting for “Swaraj” in this country and following this agenda his party will take all the decisions related to general public with public permission.

So Kejriwal requested to Mr. Sampath to hold pre-elections in 365 constituencies from where AAP will challenge all the other corrupt parties. These Pre elections will be among AAP candidates in these constituencies to find out which candidate is real AAP candidate based upon public vote and only that candidate will get Lok Sabha ticket.

When Faking news contacted Mr. Kejriwal to comment on this then he replied “Bhai Janta ka Pratyashi hai, Janta hi tay karegi ki kaun hoga AAP ka candidate”.  On asking how someone is “Janta Ka Pratyashi” because a candidate always represents a party or no party? Mr. Kejriwal replied that AAP is a party of Aam Aadmi and so candidate should be someone from Aam Aadmi and to achieve this we need elections.

In response to Mr. Kejriwal’s request, Election commission suggested to use SMS services. Later we got to know that Mr. Kejriwal is planning a Dharna against Mr. Sampath and he also alleged that Mr. Sampath is an agent of Telecom operators and by denying for pre elections, he is helping telecom operators to generate revenues by SMS services which is in comma state after whatsapp became popular among Aam Aadmi.