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Kejriwal releases list of corrupt politicians, forgets to mention his name

03, Feb 2014 By tars

While chill is running down Delhi’s spine due to cold weather, Kejriwal tried to warm up Delhi by announcing list of corrupt politicians.


CPL ( Corrupt Politician League) is angry as Kejriwal forgot to put his own name, to which Kejriwal took a U-turn stating that as he is a sitting CM with support of “Haath” he is an implicit contender of the corrupt list.

However it’s uncertain whether these corrupt politicians will be send to paid leaves or not. However political pundits feel that few of them are planning to give missed call to become AAP member, by this they automatically qualify to enjoy the status of being Honest and Non Corrupt, and eventually they will appear in the most honest politician list.

AAP is planning to provide this list of corrupt politician on their website, so, later they can take off the link easily if, in case, AAP has to form an Alliance with any of them while forming next central govt.

“It’s so easy, we just have to change the flag value from 1 to 0 for the field ‘Corrupt’ to make that page offline in the event of future alliance” – said AAP IT head.

Speculations are that AAP will soon release list of International corrupt people. A buzz is going around that Bill Gates will top the list, as his windows is found to be the most corruptible software. The same has been affirmed by a recent survey conducted by Yogendra Yadav.

AAP is soon going to launch MISSED CALL campaign to name and shame windows. Under this campaign, if your computer has windows installed, and you fail to give a missed call to 420-9211 in next 1 second, then it means your windows is corrupt.

“See we have 1.25 billion windows PC running worldwide. We will simply subtract the number of missed call received from this number”, said an AAP Intellectual pokesperson.