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Kejriwal reaches FTII for recruitment

06, Aug 2015 By 0mar Abdullah

In order to strengthen the Aam Aadmi Party, its chief mentor and Delhi’s current Chief Minister Arvind Kejirwal reached FTII and looking to recruit the youth with lucrative offer. “FTII students have drama, action, dramatic arts and theatrics. These are the principles of Aam Aadmi Party and if you look at Ashutosh ji he is getting better and better day by day in these areas but no one can beat our party founder Kejriwal ji who was the governor of Drama Society of IIT-K”, AAP’s spokesperson Dr. Kumar Vishwas said.

Meanwhile students at FTII are very anxious and praying to God for their selection. They have been standing in the long queue since morning and waiting for their interview.

FTII students AAP Way (high on Drama): wearing AAP's iconic cap and taking broom in hand to impress the recruiters
FTII students AAP Way (high on Drama): wearing AAP’s iconic cap and taking broom in hand to impress the recruiters

“Rahul Gandhi ji came to our campus but we didn’t show any interest joining Congress party. Rahul ji himself is not a passionate actor like Kejriwal ji. Kejriwal ji’s team is also equally passionate. I love the drama of AAP leaders”, an aspirant candidate standing in the queue revealed to Fakingnews.

“Kejriwal ji is very kewl leader unlike Modi ji who doesn’t have time to watch movies. Without wasting any time Kejriwal ji gives the review of  movies via Tweets. The mantra of AAP party ‘Woh Pareshaan Karte Rahe Aur Hum Movies Dekhte Rahe’ is the best. This is the coolest CM that India ever had!” another aspirant candidate said.

When asked about the recruitment criteria and the number of students they were planning to recruit, “Criteria is very simple. Whoever is the best to sit on Dharna on every non-issue and make the Dharna scene non-serious to serious & non-filmy to filmy with his acting skills will be awarded with highest salary,” Dr. Kumar Vishwas replied.

“If we are unable to get the number of students from FTII, we will go to National School of Drama (NSD) and we are in touch with Anupam Kher ji for making necessary arrangement for our campus drive,” he added further.

“My dream is to attain the level of Ashish Khetan and Ashutosh. The way they are doing drama on Times Now and on other news channels, I simply love it. They are my idols and I want be more than happy to make them my mentors. Also, I would love to have selfie with them”, FTII student told about his dreams to Fakingnews.