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Kejriwal questions Shah Jahan’s development model after he fails to find his ghost at Taj Mahal

10, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Agra: After having failed to meet Narendra Modi in Gujarat, Arvind Kejriwal turned up unannounced at Taj Mahal and sought an appointment with Shah Jahan. The appointment was sought, allegedly, to pose twenty four questions to Shah Jahan about the Mughal development model.

Shah Jahan is corrupt.

However, after Shah Jahan’s ghost refused to make an appearance, Mr. Kejriwal- Delhi’s ex Chief Minister- questioned Shah Jahan’s motives and claimed that the late Mughal emperor was too scared to answer Aam Admee Party’s questions.

Main bahut chhota aadmee hoon,” Mr. Kejriwal said at Taj Mahal to a sea of reporters, while tourists and curious onlookers stared at him. “But I am Delhi’s ex Chief Minister. At least he could have offered me tea. Shah Jahan is dead; how can he be busy?”

“Now Manish is going inside to seek an appointment with him,” Mr. Kejriwal added. “Iss Taj Mahal mein Adani, Ambani aur kis kis businessman ka paisa laga hai… hum jaanke rahenge!”