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Kejriwal Now Claims Social Media Is Corrupt

31, Mar 2014 By gagandeepsingh

In a sensational development Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that country’s social media is completely compromised and demanded a thorough probe on all “top trending” topics supporting Narendra Modi and BJP over the last few weeks.

“Desh ka social media poori tarah se bikk chukka hai; Iski toh janch honi chahiye,” the tweet said.

In his sensational claim citing evidence that he only knows, Kejriwal alleged that all AAP-bashing tweets originate from fake accounts managed by Ambani and Adani. When asked about BJP claims that AAP has more fake accounts like @BillClinton and @YoYoHonesty, Kejriwal rubbished the allegations and said that he has personally checked all pro-AAP  accounts and given them clean chits. There’s no need for any further discussion he asserted.

Sab saale corrupt hain mujhe chhod kar.

Self-proclaimed experts said that Kejriwal is completely fed up of negative hashtags that are trending on social media ever since he resigned as the Chief Minister of Delhi. One such top trending tag was #YoKejriwalSoHonest that mocked Kejriwal’s U-turn on various issues.

Shockingly however, this tag didn’t stop a new enthusiastic AAP supporter to celebrate that at least Kejriwal was trending.  #YoKejriwalSoHonest trending worldwyde! Is Moudy now scared of Kejariwal? tweeted Ashutosh who holds a rockstar image among AAP supporters. In response, a sad Kejriwal was seen instantly retweeting Sushma Swaraj’s (in)famous tweet: With Spokespersons like these, u don’t need enemies.

Recognizing that social media is now the biggest vote bank in India, all parties are frantically making intense strategies to tap this voter base. While BJP and AAP seem to be ahead in this race with already a million fake accounts each, Congress is yet to wake up to the reality and have a meager 8 fake accounts by last count. However Congress party sources claimed that they are planning to spend 500 Crores in the coming days to give party a social media makeover.

Releasing its social media manifesto, BJP promised far better features and deeper social media penetration in the country. On the other hand AAP promised an audit of all social media accounts and assured to bring down the fake ones through their pet Jan-Social-Media bill. AAP claimed their Jan-Social-Media bill will allow common tweeple to report all Congress BJP accounts as spam through a one-of-its-kind social-media sting operation. Rahul Gandhi in the meanwhile promised of bringing Right to Social Media and giving 10 followers to each new account for free.

In another development Ravi Shankar Prasad argued that Modi has more followers than Kejriwal and hence he is much better suited to lead the country. In response AAPians have put forward AK’s (Arvind Kejriwal Aamir Khan) name as he beats even Modi in social media following.

Meanwhile Rahul was seen taking crash lessons from Digvijay Singh on how to create a twitter account. Congress was struggling to get into top 100 trending topics when the reports last came in.