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Kejriwal listees form fourth front ‘OFF’ – the Offended Fraternity Front

06, Feb 2014 By MRP

After the initial objection and resentment to the list of corrupt politicians released by Arvind Kejriwal, those in the list have now come together to form a new political front.

Named “OFF” or the Offended Fraternity Front, it was going to be called the third front. But due to objections raised by Deve Gowda, the self-styled chief of the erstwhile Third Front that still keeps popping its head up again and again, in some leaders’ dreams at least, the new front is now known as the Fourth Front.

Some leaders of the Fourth Front
Some leaders of the Fourth Front

After the official launch, the spokesperson of the forum gave the following details. Those on the list have quit their respective political parties and are now going to join hands and contest the upcoming Loksabha elections.

Asked if the people would vote for them and if there was enough time now to prepare for the elections, the spokesperson said, “These leaders are not just putting up a fourth front, they are putting up a brave front. With the collective talent that these leaders have, which is what got them a place on the list in the first place, there is nothing they cannot achieve. We are confident of not only contesting the elections, but of forming the next government too.”

“But you are just a couple of hundred people on the list. How can you field so many candidates?”

“When the first list of twenty-five was released, did you know there would be another hundred? This is just the beginning. We are confident that many, many more will join us soon. In fact we are surprised that some of our partners are not yet named and are eagerly waiting for them to join us.”

“But isn’t the confidence to form the government a bit far-fetched?”

“Not at all. The initial set, obviously the most talented in the skill in question, will form the cabinet of ministers. The next set will just be members of parliament and the future ones will be workers of the front and will have to earn their place in the hierarchy by sheer hard work. Anyway Mr. Kejriwal is there to identify them.”

“Well…you seem to have a strategy worked out there. Who is going to the Prime Minister?”

“That is where Arvind betrayed us. He could have gone that extra mile and named the most capable in the field. Anyway we have to decided to seek his help on this.”

“Good idea! What will be your poll promises to attract votes?”

“We are still working on the election manifesto, but it will be on the following lines. Legalizing bribery, by which, people will no more be afraid to pay bribes. Then, Withdrawing anti-corruption legislations, withdrawing related charges framed so far, releasing the affected from jail if any, replacing the Lokpal bill with Chorpal bill to protect politicians from harassment, etc. However, our ultimate aim is to get Arvind Kejriwal on the list.”

“What is the future of the front?”

“It is obvious. People from all parties will keep joining us and one day all other parties will cease to exist as all of them would have joined us. We will be only one!”