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Kejriwal issues candid assessment of his maiden private jet flight

11, Mar 2014 By rmantha

As AAP supporters looked on in utter shock and envy, Arvind Kejriwal arrived at Delhi’s airport in the India Today private jet from Jaipur.  Looking visibly relaxed after his flight, Kejriwal admitted that “it was a very civilized way to travel indeed.  I want to thank India Today for sponsoring me.”

Arvind Kejriwal
Very candid indeed!

When asked if it was appropriate for a media empire to sponsor a politician’s private jet travel, Kejriwal went on the offensive.  “Where is the problem here?  I have helped the country’s media sell so many papers with my antics.  They owe me at least this much.  Do you think there would have been anything much to report last few days if AAP party workers weren’t pelting stones at the BJP office?”

When asked about his list of questions for Narendra Modi, Kejriwal  sheepishly said “Well of course now we have to delete the questions about his travel from the list, to avoid charges of hypocrisy.  But we still have 4 other questions.”

“To be honest, I have to say that if someone offers you a ride on a private jet, you would be extremely foolish to refuse.  Have you been on the National Highway 8 from Jaipur recently?  I saw it when we were flying over it, and it is a real mess.  Glad we didn’t have to slum it with all those poor sods below,” he said.

“We are now soliciting donations online for our own private jet.  It will be emblazened with its own logo, Property of Aam Aadmi Party (PAAP) Air.  PAAP Air will fly us around the country for our agitations.”

While the Delhi-based media struggled to put its usual positive spin on this egregious betrayal of his own Aam Aadmi image, Kejriwal himself showed a light-hearted yet serious side to himself.

“There are two types of people in this world.  Those who have flown on a private jet, and those who have not,” said Kejriwal with a broad smile.

“Now Manish and me officially are no longer private jet virgins.”