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Kejriwal is reincarnation of Dharmaraj Yudhishthir

27, Feb 2014 By raviprak

In a sudden twist of event, yesterday, Dharmaraj Yudhishthir from Mahabharat appeared in Arvind Kejriwal’s dreams. He has reportedly told Kejriwal that Kejriwal is the first reincarnation of “Swayam Dharmaraj”. It is his overexposure to truth and honesty from last birth that is making Kejriwal feel that he is always right and only he is always right.

Believe me

Though Kejriwal couldn’t prove truthfulness of his dreams, he is ready to take DNA test of his soul. He was heard quoting, “at the most I could fake the outer skin, but the soul will always remain same.”

Riding high on the confidence of being Dharmaraj, Kejriwal also shot a few more allegations on all parties and challenged all of them to come together against to prove any of them wrong.

While BJP rubbished him calling yet another dreamer (similar to Sobhan Sarkar who dreamed of a king telling route to a treasures), Congress, having burnt their finger once with people dreaming of kings, preferred consulting astrologer before commenting.

One Congress insider, who is in the know of matter, told on the condition of anonymity that long before the first dream incident, one astrologer saw the party hand symbol and told that dreams could be dangerous for Congress around 2014 elections. They have already paid heavily once, so this time, better safe than sorry.