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Kejriwal is Rahul's superhero image: Modi

31, Mar 2014 By Punit Hissaria

Mr. Modi shocked people today by saying Rahul and Kejriwal is the same person with two different identity. Here it is straight out of his speech:

“Like Gangadhar used to convert himself in Shaktiman, Rahul converts himself as Kerjriwal. Rahul tries to show himself dumb like gangadhar to hide his identity.   Have you  ever seen Rahul and Kejriwal together?  “

Madam Sonia came up with this idea in year 2011 when  Manmohan ji was not able to save India (means congress).  She said in cabinet “We want a super hero for survival. I will sacrifice my son for this. He is already declared as most dumb person on earth so nobody will doubt on him.” After watching Shaktiman, shansha, ajjobaa and MI2 she portrayed Arvind.  Arvind is second successful creation of Sonia after Manmohan”

Whenever Rahul sees Modi wave he converts himself in Arvind to spread shit wave.You can find similarity in Rahul and Arvind like both believe in tearing the government bills, both don’t want to be PM, both likes aam aadmi but want to empower woman, both know more about Kashmir then Musharaf. After Delhi success congress converted few more politicians as aam aadmi.

Sanjay Niriupam was converted as Kumar Vishvas.

Digvijay as Somnath Bharti

Sanjay Jha as Yogendar yadav”