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Kejriwal goes to the United States of America to verify the development claims

12, Mar 2014 By Derrick Dsouza

In a rather strategic turn of events, Arvind Kejriwal the leader of Aam Aadmi party (AAP) also the guy who nascented the anti corruption movement along with Anna Hazare decided to make a secret visit to the United States of America to verify the development claims.

Crying Obama
Obama cried after being exposed by Kejriwal.

Dressed in his simple attire with his customary muffler, Kejriwal specifies his entire event. With a hall filled with clusters of microphones and hundreds of cameras Arvind starts, “I have been here for the last 4 days out of which 3 days have completely gone in verifying the veracity of the development claims.”

With a little bit of his cunning smile he says, “Where is the development Mr. Barrack Obama? Please come out of your surreal world and see the plight of the people of US are facing.”

In a pause for a cough, he added again, “All the skyscrapers in New York are photoshopped! Not even an ounce similar to what we see on TV and movies. Even delhi looks better developed than this. Even the growth rate is completely opposite to what obama claims.”

On media reporters asking him whether he has proof to back his claims, Arvind says, “We will be releasing the proof within a couple of days on our website that will be enough for the people to decide.”

Arvind also showed an internal survey done by his party after the alleged 3 days poll-khol campaign that the popularity of Aam Aadmi Party has risen from 0.78% to 75.86% and is showing Arvind kejriwal to win the next election for the post of the United States president quite comfortably.

Arvind with a smug face adds, “I went to meet Obama in Washington but my car was stopped by the cops which clearly shows that obama is cynical about me.”

He also goes on to add that that the United States is actually run by Ambani and Obama is actually in Ambani’s pockets although this seems to be a preposterous allegation.

This bizarre claims and allegations have created ripples in the United States. Although there are unverified reports of millions of people having registered with the United States Aam Aadmi Party (USAAP).

Before signing off, he indicated that he will travel the world to eradicate corruption and ensure AAP has its foundation in each and every country.