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Kejriwal found wearing CK underwear, BJP to protest in Delhi Assembly

05, Jan 2014 By ridhav

New Delhi. Baaj tak’s daredevil reporters have made a sensational revelation today about the Delhi’s new chief minister “Mr Arvind Kejriwal”. As per the open policies, when Mr Kejriwal allowed the reporters to inspect his new residence, reporters found a Calvin Klein underwear hanging on one of the wires in the backyard.

Mission accomplished.
“I got them from chor bazaar yar.”

Just for our viewer’s information, the cost of this brief is 1699 in the market which is approximately two month’s salary of AAM Aadmi as per centre’s new economic policies (Read : Poverty line lowered to 28Rs per day).

“This is totally against their manifesto”, BJP MLAs commented. They said that Mr. Kejriwal’s decision to wear a CK underwear is in “total contradiction” of the Aam Aadmi Party’s claim that it would practice austerity. This news has totally exposed the chief minister.”Their resolve to remain aam aadmi has fallen flat,” BJP leaders commented.

Mr. Kejriwal, however, did not see anything wrong in using those briefs. “I have been buying them from Chor Bajaar for 50 bucks since last two years. Earlier I was wearing Rupa which costed me 40. Koi khaas difference nai hai bhai” Kejriwal commented.

Ramdev Baba on the other hand, offered to cure this disease of ‘wearing foreign brand briefs to act cool’. Ramdev said, “The practice of wearing expensive underwear is unscientific, unnatural, uncivilized, immoral, irreligious and abnormal. Kejriwal should come to my ashram for treatment.”

The NCR real estate agents on other hand are very glad with all the hoopla around Kejriwal’s house and underwears. Monty singh commented, “Oh Chandi hi chandi ji. We can now sell 4bhk house as 5 bedroom house ji. After all everyone in media has mentioned that ‘Officers 4 BHK duplex house” as a “5 bedroom Bunglaow , with living room to be used as bedroom “. We are updating all our postings on to reflect the same. We are also thinking of including the buyer’s office cabin space as a part of carpet and built up area”.

Couple of BJP MLA’s were also happy with these controversies. On condition of anonymity they mentioned: “We are innovating. The traditional way of shouting and throwing chairs to stop the work in assembly is boring. We want the new chief minister to stay in Ghaziabad,so that he spends at least 5 hours maneuvering the  traffic every day. In fact we are requesting to allocate him a house in Meerut. After all, lot of aam aadmis travel from Meerut to Delhi every day for work, Our chief minister should do that too.”

In another unconfirmed news, we have heard from our sources that AAP activists are waiting for donations to cross 10 CR (4.5 CR at the time of writing this article). They are planning to run away to remote parts of Africa with all these donations to open a medical centre there to serve the less fortunate and more deserving. Sources are saying that “Foreign agencies are behind this plot”.