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Kejriwal forced to live in slum as a survey declares '2 BHK House' a luxury for aam aadmi

08, Jan 2014 By rajkiransaraswat

In current turn of events Arvind Kejriwal has decided to spend rest of his life in slum because living in a house has been declared a luxury as per online survey conducted by website 

Inspirational figure.

After renouncing security, sarkari car and 5 bedroom flat because Aam admi considered them a luxury item, it wasn’t anyone’s guess that even a small 2 BHK would come up as a luxury item in the public survey.

Some people are even against the usage of Wagon R for travel purposes by Arvind Kejriwal and they want Kejriwal to commute either by Metro or may be by base model of Tata Nano, but anything above this would be considered a luxury.

Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal shifted his house from Ghaziabad to slum near Jamuna Bazar where he will be living alone as his family members have clearly denied to shift from the Ghaziabad apartment.  Later Kejriwal was  seen in the slum waiting in a queue for the supply tanker’s water for his morning business.

“I started as aam aadmi and now I will lead by an example for the common people by becoming an ultra aam aadmi, I have sold my Galaxy S3 and have purchased second hand Nokia 1100 so that people may not feel that I am using any luxury phone, I have also purchased a third hand Base model of Tata Nano for my commute, now I am hopeful that people will spare me and let me concentrate on my work,” said Arvind Kejriwal during his interview with our faking news reporter Raj, whom he later offered his half sweater and muffler to boost his image of Aam Admi Ultra Aam Admi.

When asked about his further plan of action he said that his first and foremost action would be to block the online survey websites  so that he could continue to live in slum rather than sleep on footpath because of these surveys. He also feared that if these online surveys and feedbacks continue to exist then he might end up depending on majority opinion for choices of his meals and color of his clothes.