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Kejriwal finds a genuine cause to demand Modi’s resignation

09, Aug 2016 By Rumorhasit

New Delhi. AK- always had super valid reasons, according to him, for Modi to resign. But for reasons unknown to him, and only to him, Modi never resigned.

Like even before Modi was sworn-in as PM by President Mukerjee, Kejriwal had been asking for Modi’s resignation. The cause to ask for Modi’s resignation as per Kejriwal was the poll result. Our baffled reporter had asked him to explain this seemingly bizarre reason to ask for resignation. AK said, “See Modiji had been promising Achhe Din for everybody in India during elections. As soon as the results were out we felt cheated on Modiji’s promise. We didn’t win a single LS seat from Delhi. The results didn’t make us feel achha, yeh toh dhokha hua hamare saath. Thus Modiji were not able to fullfil his promise so we demand his resignation”.

"So where is your resignation?" Kejriwal to Modi
“So where is your resignation?” Kejriwal to Modi

That didn’t work out, as Modi didn’t resign. Following that at every drop of hat AK asked Modi, some of reasons are listed below:

“Union Budget received thumbs down from KRK, Modiji should resign”.

“Thousands had to be rescued from Yemen. Why were they allowed to go there in the first place? Modiji must resign.”

“My cough problem returned – Modiji should resign.”

“India didn’t win Twenty20 World Cup even though it was played in home ground, Modiji must resign.”

“Heat wave across India, it is a clear ploy to make me get rid of my trademark Muffler. Modiji must resign.”

“Dilwale flopped, even after I gave it 4.5 Stars, Modiji must resign.”

“Tinku failed in 4th Standard, Modiji should resign.”

“Online retailer didn’t deliver order on time, Modiji should resign.”

“Ink toner refill price hiked by local vendor, Modiji must resign.”

“UnfAirtel D2H doesn’t work during cloudy weather, Modiji must resign.”

“Fairness creams didn’t work for me, Modiji must resign.”

None of the above worked. Neither Modi resigned nor were there a public uproar for Modi to resign.

Finally, AK found a super se bhi ooper reason for Modiji to resign. Soon AK announced a circus Press Conference and made a startling statement. Modiji’s is killing the institute of marriage! So he must resign now.

He elaborated, “Jasmeet an IT engineer working in Noida has been thrown out of his house by his wife Jassi and now they are heading for a divorce. Everything was fine with their marriage until Modiji came to power after which they started fighting everyday and now they are separating.”

Where is Modiji involved in this? Asked a reporter. An AAPtard threw a chappal at the reporter and then AK replied. “Dekhiyeji it is a very very deep conspiracy to destroy the social fabric of our nation. Let me explain, according to Jasmeet his wife is a disgusting cook. He never ate Tiffin packed by her and always used to order food from outside while at office. When returning home he used to toss away the food from various fly-overs that he passed over. Seeing empty Tiffin box every day Jassi thought that she is a good cook and felt very happy. So everything was hunky-dorky. But Modiji was out to destroy their marriage and so he promoted Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and poor Jasmeet fell for this trick”.

“As soon as he saw the ads of SBA he felt bad about throwing food on road, that too disgusting food. So he stopped throwing food on road and brought home the Tiffin with food still left in it. Initially he gave excuses like there was a party in office or he had lots of work and didn’t get time to eat and so on. But how long can a poor chap bring out new excuses. After all everybody cannot be an AK”, he added with a smirk.

“Jassi started fighting with Jasmeet for not eating her hand made food. Finally one day Jasmeet blurted out the truth that her food was disgusting and tasted crap. This led to a huge fight between the two and ultimately led to divorce.”

“So as you can see it was all Modiji’s fault. He should have never asked people to stop throwing rubbish on roads. What use of such cleanliness if it would break someone’s marriage.”

It is now proven that Modiji has broken the sacred institute of marriage and “THUS” he said raising his hand and with a wide smile on his face he announced “Modiji must resign.”

Will there be a nationwide outcry for Modi to resign, will Modi resign? Wait and watch.