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Kejriwal to file copyright case against Rahul Gandhi for stealing his idea

27, Dec 2016 By Ransa

New Delhi. Delhi CM and the most honest man to ever born on earth Shri Arvind Kejriwal has now decided to file a copyright case against Mr. Rahul Gandhi for stealing his idea.

Angry Kejriwal due to demonetization, blaming anyone he finds around
“Modiji par sirf aur sirf mera adhikaar hai”, said possessive Kejriwal

In his recent press conference he has accused Rahul Gandhi for stealing his style of politics by blaming Modi for each and everything. Kejriwal has highlighted the fact that for the past few weeks if you see any speech of Rahul Gandhi he is doing the same thing that he always does; blaming Modi for everything. Previously they used to blame BJP party but now they are totally focusing on Modi.

“Even the style of accusing is same just like me he is naming Modi in everything and claiming that he has evidence but not providing anything afterwards. I mean this cannot be a co-incidence we are doing this same thing since we entered politics and now he cannot bluntly just copy our way. We have gathered all the evidence and will file a case against Rahul Gandhi and will seek half his property as compensation”, Kejriwal said angrily.

Along with this¬† Kejriwal has mentions that they are also in process of filing case on all media houses for not sharing profit revenue with the AAP party. He mentions, “All the media houses are entertaining people by using our daily statements, accusation, theatrics and trust me it takes a lot of skill and hard work to do what we are doing. By playing our news this media houses are earning crores in revenue and we also deserve some share in that money”, Kejriwal ended blaming media.