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Kejriwal fights corruption by not forming a Government

17, Dec 2013 By fakeindersingh

In what may be seen as a revolution of sorts, Arvind Kejriwal has once again left his opponents stunned. This time he convinced the Aam Aadmi that the best way to fight corruption is by not forming the government.

His explanation is simple, the Aam Aadmi Party is different. Traditionally it was believed that the best way to fight corruption was to put an honest party in power but he has redefined all equations and beliefs. Now even the BJP has too taken cue of this astounding discovery and there is a fight between AAP & BJP to fight corruption by occupying the opposition benches rather than the treasury benches.

Even Rahul Gandhi seems to agree, in fact he claims to be the one who came up with this new strategy. He tells our reporter Mr. Pappu Shehzade that ” I’ve been working hard to make sure that the congress moves to the opposition benches post 2014″, on being nudged for evidence he points out to his speech on Jupiter’s velocity.

On a much serious note, Arvind kejriwal slammed the BJP & Congress for misleading the nation, he claims that the bjp-Congress brotherhood is responsible for the propaganda articulated for decades which states that ‘Honest’ people need to be in power to fight corruption, he claims that in fact they instead need to be in opposition.

After Mr.Kejriwal declared that Governance & Government were not required to combat corruption AAP members and followers fondly known as AAPtards on twitter, trolled both Mr. Modi & Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, accusing them of fooling the nation. Some trolls even attacked Mr. Manmohan Singh thinking that he played a major role in the ruling UPA.

But soon India was subjected to something quite unimaginable, the Delhi Government was declared illegal by all the opposition parties (i.e AAP, BJP,Congress) citing that it could become a ‘Group of  thieves and corrupt lairs ‘. This decision was hailed by all Media houses as a visionary idea of Kejriwal. Some publications published more than 15 op-ed praising his vision. But there were some ‘divisive communal controversial’ forces trying to mislead people as usual, these people claimed that a Government was required to fight corruption. Thankfully our chief justice, yes you got me right, Mr. Arnab Goswami intervened. In what was supposed to be a debate, Arnab badgered  calmly argued with the panelists and the only time he was not allowed to preach  talk was for a unimaginably long time of 3 seconds.

Within months Mr. Kejriwal was proven correct as corruption was brought down to an astounding number, yes our own indian invention, ZERO. Although one may argue that no government means no opportunity to be corrupt, no government means no government employees as there is no one to report to, no government may mean no government policies giving no chance to siphon off public funds, but this is no way may result in the discrediting of Mr.Kejriwal’s genius. This was evident from the disproportionately  high media coverage he received for his brilliant idea.

With this one may safely conclude that the people of Delhi are in safe hands and with no corruption all the problems of people are solved. Even at the small cost of not having a government to implement policies and schemes. Do they even matter?