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Kejriwal elected Prime Minister, goes global

12, Dec 2013 By the3rdumpire

2014, New Delhi. In an unprecedented move, Arvind Kejriwal was elected the Prime Minister of India at a huge ceremony funded by owners of Jantar Mantar and Ramlila Maidan here at national capital.

Arvind smiling after hitting the Jackpot.
Arvind smiling after hitting the Jackpot.

Kejriwal who rose to superstardom in a cat vs dog fight against Smt. Dixit has vowed to fight against global issues like corruption in child remarriages and declared to get the “Indian superpower” bill passed in Global polio meet. When asked that there was nothing global about these issues, he challenged for a debate at Times square, New York. Sweepers of Times Square confirmed that they have been indeed booked for the next ten years by Aam Aadmi party.

Kejriwal also announced the launch of a new scheme for global activists in which they can claim tax exemption on their flight bills. With an eye on Snowden supporters vote bank, he declared to get a state-of-art airport constructed at Ralegaon Sidhi for the same purpose. Wikileaks cables however showed GMR denying any such project and reinforced that they still haven’t paid any commissions for the same.

Meanwhile, Kumar Vishwas, the spokesperson of the party declared that all Indians who supported their party will get free concert tickets of Michael Jackson. Children working in an NGO supported by the opposition party however were left fuming by the declaration as they won’t be able to attend the grand ‘orgy’egarious festival.