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Kejriwal dissolves AAP, vows to re-emerge as Kaam Aadmi Party

14, Dec 2013 By jasonbourne

In a stunning turn of events in Delhi, after failing to resolve the deadlock in forming the government, Kejriwal dissolves the newly formed AAP Party which emerged as the second largest party with 29 elected Members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Kejriwal wanted to thank the 30% electorate in Delhi who he claims are “aam aadmi” who are the real winners of the elections. Towing in the line with Justice Katju he remarked “70% of delhi-ites are idiots”

This time however he vows to fight the re-election with a new Party, new poll symbol and new tag Line.

“Kaam Aadmi Party – This time we it will work”

Veena Anand AAP’s richest MLA from the Patel Nagar constituency says she was apprehensive of using the “broom” as a polling symbol since day one; her idea of using a “Vacuum Cleaner” has been short down by her fellow aam aadmi’s citing Delhi’s power cuts and power tariff woes.

Shazia Ilmi who lost the RK Puram constituency by a mere 336 votes rues the opportunity of not being able to use the Vacuum cleaner earlier, she throws an alternative proposition of having a dual-poll-symbol; the broom will continue to be our primary poll symbol going into constituencies where the voter base is predominantly AAP (the poor aam aadmis – traditional Congress Vote Bank ) the vacuum cleaner will be used in constituencies where KAP (the working class – traditional BJP Vote Bank ) dominates the vote share. This is similar to the treatment that Kingfisher Airlines once dished out to its passengers by distinguishing them by “Kingfisher” and “Kingfisher Red” she adds.

Angry Aam Aadmi Kumar Vishwas who is all set to challenge the Congress Scion Rahul Gandhi from Amethi in Lok Sabha elections in 2014, defends his Party’s decisions of using the dual-poll-symbol, “if congress and BJP can divide people on the lines of Majority and Minority then we can also divide them on the basis of AAP and KAP, also the KAP (sounding similar to Khap Panchayat) might fetch us more votes from the States of Haryana, UP, Punjab and Central India, moreover the Vacuum cleaner should also be able to attract voters from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where people may not understand the words neither “aam” nor “kaam”  but after DMK’s and AIDMK’s color Television scheme, the vacuum machines should only help us grow in stature.

Kejriwal also expresses that he was pleasantly surprised with the mandate of the Delhi voters, “To be honest, we never thought honesty would be the best policy, especially in Delhi. Our situation is similar to that of an amateur pilot who has been given a license to fly just because he was honest.”  He vows that this time around KAPs agenda would be actually to work for people’s welfare than to keep claiming that they are honest and very different from the Congress and BJP.

He admits that he is feeling a little tired of the David vs. Goliath comparisons. In today’s world it’s much easier for Goliath to win. Hence he is all set to take plunge into the Delhi elections this time around as a Goliath.

In the event of another Hung Assembly in Delhi (Post re-elections) KAP will find a way out of the crisis by working towards forming a govt in Delhi. You can clean a Pond only by getting into it, not by sitting next to it, something we should have done the first time around, he quipped.