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Kejriwal denied visa to Malaysia after he refuses to furnish passport, supporters protest

24, May 2014 By krishnaa

In a startling development, Kejriwal was refused Visa to Malaysia, for not furnishing his passport. It was reported that Kejriwal argued with the officials in embassy, claiming that he is well known figure and he need not furnish passport to identify himself.

Protests against Malaysians.

“I do have passport, but it is against my principles to submit it to the embassy,” Kejriwal continued to protest inside embassy.

The embassy officials tried to explain Kejriwal that it is part of process and Visa can only be stamped on passport. However, they gave up pretty soon and rejected Visa.

AAP workers gathered outside Malaysian embassy to protest. “How could the Ambassador do this to Kejriwal? He is honest man and a person with pure heart,” claimed AAP workers while talking to FakingNews reporter. “The Visa is denied because, Kejriwal wanted to go to Malaysia and prove that Malaysia is underdeveloped country, with no infrastructure, no law and order. After visit to Malaysia, Kejriwal wanted to submit a report that Malaysia has no industry and poors are left to die. The denial of Visa is a conspiracy to keep him away from finding facts.”

Diggi raja claimed that, ‘this was another stunt by Kejriwal to grab headlines’, who claimed further that, ‘however, this could be conspiracy of RSS.’ Kapil Sibbal was unavailable to comment.