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Kejriwal demands NGO status for Delhi government

08, Jan 2014 By Bakasur

In a not-so-surprising move, Arvind Kejriwal has applied to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to grant the Delhi Government status of a Non-Governmental Organization.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal making the announcement.

The move has confirmed the recent speculations in both mainstream and social media after Kejriwal called an emergency cabinet meeting. A source close to the inner working of AAP confirmed that the emergency meeting was called to protest the workings of the Government of Delhi.

Going by the social media chatter, AAP supporters have embraced the move, calling it kind-of-a historic move. When asked to explain the rationale behind the step, AAP spokesperson Kumar VishWash resorted to veer ras amidst cheers from supporters, “Koi deewana kahta hai, ki koi pagal banata hai.”

Kejriwal in his more official looking reply stated, “Giving Delhi government an NGO status will ensure that I get to do something I CAN do plus we can seek tax deductible donations to run the state. Being an NGO also ensures that wrapping up is easier, if it doesn’t work, we can just move on. Our party has been devoid of protests for so long that it’s not a paartyy (sic) any more. Once we get the NGO status, we’ll take it a notch up and protest policies and misgovernance in other states.”

Kejrwal also warned the MCA of indefinite fast by Gandhian activist Anna Hazare if his application is not accepted within twenty four hours.

Anna when contacted denied any knowledge of his impending fast and called Kejriwal a crook who doesn’t want to share his fruits while fasting. “Last time he almost got me killed, it was his responsibility to sneak in food at night; after all he was the sneakiest among all of us.”