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Kejriwal demanded proof for satellites launched by ISRO

19, Feb 2017 By Kumar

New Delhi. Just after the successful launch of hundred and four satellites by ISRO, Mr. Arvind  Kejriwal demanded proof for it. The Delhi CM demanded Prime Minister’s Office to provide the proof for all the satellites launched by ISRO reached space successfully. In a tweet coming from his official twitter handle, he asked the PM that how the world would know that we have done it. Though he further clarified that he believed that the satellites were launched in the space. But still to shut the mouths of critics we need to provide evidence for it.

"Show me the proof, ISRO"
“Show me the proof, ISRO”

The reaction came out just after Pakistan claimed that no satellites were ever launched by ISRO. Gen Bazwa said, “Pakistan will take world media to the space, and will expose the lies of India”. Pakistan Army chief further said that they would use Chinese space shuttle for traveling to space. After the army chief it was prime minister Nawaz Sharif who also backed Gen. Bazwa’s statement. He said in an interview that India wanted to divert the attention from Kashmir atrocities.

Meanwhile statement from Arvind kejriwal is getting lot of reactions in India. Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in UP warned the prime minister not to take credit for it. Rahul not stopped there but he went one step forward, and commented, “Yeh Satellite ki Dalali bandh kijye”. The political circles have heated up in the amidst of UP elections. Mr. Sambit Patra attacked Rahul Gandhi for his statement. He asked Mr gandhi to apologise from PM and said that Rahul was a flopped rocket which congress wanted to launch from SP’s cycle carrier. And coming to Kejriwal, Mr. Patra said that the ISRO could launch him in the space if he wanted to see the proof.

Delhi CM statement is getting lot of support from Pakistan, and social worker Hafiz Saeed has also praised Mr. Kejriwal. In an interview to CNBC. Mr. Hafiz Saeed says that he salutes Delhi’s chief minister for his bravery. He said that he would also send his Mujhaideen to space by the end of this month. Twitter and Facebook is trending with #PakistanbacksKejri. Well in the midst of all these politics in space, it is going to be really interesting to see how ISRO is going to react. So far, no official statement has been observed from ISRO.