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Kejriwal defends his Law Minister, says he is using the language of an aam IITian

22, Jan 2014 By trishanku

At a hastily called press conference late at night, the epitome of morality, Shri Arvind Kejriwal-ji defended the actions of his Law[less] Minister who has been facing severe criticism for his vigilante raids a few days back, and for hurling abuses at leaders of BJP and Congress today. Here are the excerpts of the press conference:

Bharti in action.

Reporter: All decent people in the city are aghast at the actions and the language Shri Bharti uses. Your comments!

AK: These so called decent people are all corrupt- they are not Aam Aadmi, and would naturally speak against our government.

R: Have you heard the kind of language he used today for BJP and Congress leaders?

AK: Yes. I didn’t find anything wrong. He is calling a spade a spade in the language of the Aam Aadmi.

R: But your other leaders Manish Sisodia and Yogendra Yadav do not use such language. They don’t conduct midnight raids? Are they not Aam Aadmi?

AK: (smiles) Oh! I realize what is your problem, you BJP stooge! Don’t you know that they didn’t study in IIT?

R: What has IIT got to do with filthy language and with midnight raids?

AK: What a stupid question? Go to the hostels of any IIT and hear the conversation between youth just for a few hours, and all your ‘decent language’ would vanish. Somnath has lived in these hostels for so many years and still doesn’t use choice expletives like MC BC in his speeches. Hats Off to his self- restraint!

Is it clear now, how soft spoken he is? And for your information – the day begins in IIT hostels at 11pm.

Taken aback by this explanation, FN reporter rushed to contact the Director of IIT for his comments on this revelation.

Since it was late at night, yours truly could only manage to speak to the sleepy Dean of students whose response was: I am not authorized to comment on the words allegedly spoken by the Law minister of the Capital of India. Well, I can only confirm that the students in hostels certainly do not address each other as “Ashok-ji, Aap kaise hain?” To say that they use filthy language is an exaggeration..”, and then added after a few pauses … “but not by very much”.