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Kejriwal claims Modi govt behind Jon Snow's assassination

16, Jun 2015 By viveks

Castle Black/New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal of AAP has accused Narendra Modi led BJP government for recent assassination of lord commander of night’s watch Jon Snow.

Kejriwal claims that Alliser Thorne is an agent of BJP who planned the whole mutiny. The CM of Delhi said that just like BJP wants to rule Delhi through LG, it wants to rule castle black through Alliser.

A news channel is soon expected to launch 'Justice for Jon' campaign after these allegations
A news channel is soon expected to launch ‘Justice for Jon’ campaign after these allegations

He also said that people of Delhi and of all seven kingdom would teach Mr. Modi a lesson when the time comes.

BJP on the other hand denied the charges and termed it as another one of those AAP’s theatrics and part of their attention seeking strategy. BJP spokesperson said that their party was a strong supporter of Jon Snow, in fact, it was Amit Shah who was the architect of Snow’s victory in the election for Lord Commander of night’s watch.

The spokesperson further said that whole party is said over his sad demise and would push government to launch a probe into the matter.

Meanwhile Prime minister Modi expressed his solidarity with the whole nation by tweeting condolence message – (sic) My heart weeps for Snow, he was a good lad, great commander, so what if he knew nothing.

But AAP leader Ashutosh termed these claims and tweets as crocodile tears.

Meanwhile Delhi’s LG has released new letter claiming that Kerjiwal’s new accusation is ab initio null and void. It seems the fight between AAP and BJP has gone beyond Delhi and have now reached Westros.