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Kejriwal challenges Modi as Delhi Cleaners work overtime before ministers’ visit

02, Oct 2014 By Nihshabd

Srini (aka N Srinivasan), an employee of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), has been fatigued by continuous cleaning that he and his fellow workers has been doing before various ministers hit the ground for the cleaning show on 2nd October. Even though he has been ensured that Ministers are likely to choose cleaner zones of Delhi, but still his department doubts that Arvind Kejriwal may challenge BJP for going to dirtier places.

A determined Kejru

MCD Commissioner, Mr. S Kumarswamy IAS, told Faking NEWS that they have intelligence input from the ground that Arvind Kejriwal, Ex IRS, may start competing in the cleaning drive. He may claim his right over the “Broom”.

Arvind Kejriwal, when contacted by Faking News, said that the cleaning drive is a conspiracy of BJP government to let Nitin Gadkari make huge profits at his broom manufacturing factory. Arvind claimed that Nitin Gadkari has illegally got the license to make “use and throw brooms”, to be used by ministers during the show.

Congress on other hand blamed BJP for hijacking Mahatma Gandhi like Sardar Patel. Mani Shankar Aiyer was found swearing at BJP, calling them unoriginal and copycat. Every time he was approached for a response, he replied 3 times, “BJP copycat hai, copycat hai, copycat hai”. Rahul Gandhi on other hand recalled how he once saw a broom at Leelawati’s Hut in a village.

Srini, in the meanwhile has been assigned the task of training the ministers for holding the broom for photo ops. “Ravi Sankar Prasad has already exposed himself by holding the broom in an unprofessional way”, Srini said. It was evident that he has neither broomed nor groomed anything in his life. Srini told Faking NEWS that brand new broom, like new ball in cricket, is difficult to manage. Therefore, he suggested that ministers should use old brooms as these are already in proper shape. Srini was reprimanded for the suggestion and was warned that he could be the Khemka of cleaning world if ministers could actually find something to clean.

Since then Srini has been cleaning his guts out hoping Kejriwal will challenge Modi, this time with the real broom.