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Kejriwal blames Dr. Harshwardhan for his cough, demands his resignation

25, Aug 2014 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal, the former Delhi CM has blamed health minister Dr. Harshwardhan for his coughing problem. AAP chief Kejriwal is suffering from cough ever since he became the CM of the capital city New Delhi beating Sheila Dikshit.

Kejriwal Cough
Kejriwal coughing once again.

Kejriwal who is spitting on journalists’ faces since a long time now while giving interviews is now claiming that Harshwardhan and the health ministry of India is the only one to be blamed for his health issues.

“Dr. Harshwardhan is the Health Minister of the country. Doesn’t that mean that he is responsible for every single Indian’s health issues? I demand strong action from Modi jee, the PM should politely ask Harshwardan to resign from the post as soon as possible or else I’ll protest at Jantar Mantar against him as usual. I believe all the sick people of the country should come together and protest against Dr. Harshwardhan,” Kejriwal told our reporter.

“My coughing has troubled me the most. It also ruined my last birthday party. I couldn’t blow up any balloons and more importantly I didn’t even get the opportunity to blow the candles on my birthday.” Kejriwal said sighing.

“The biggest problem I am facing is that because of my coughing problem nobody is inviting me to attend candle marches even when I am a specialist at them,” Kejriwal further added.

When asked about PM Narendra Modi’s working style Kejriwal said, “I had high hopes of curing my cough when he (Narendra Modi) said that he is about to give ‘Kadwi Dawai’ to the countrymen, I didn’t know he was talking about the rail fare hike.”

Arvind Kejriwal also believes that keeping him sick is BJP’s tactic to win elections in New Delhi.

“Yes, I’ve made some mistakes. The first one was resigning from the CM post without asking the people of Delhi and the second one was jumping in the cold water of holy river Ganga in 42 degrees temperature while campaigning against Modi in Banaras. It worsened my cough,” Kejriwal went on to add.

When asked why he isn’t seeing a doctor Kejriwal said, “A doctor is a person who takes the payments even if he fails at his job, I just don’t believe in this theory. But remember, AAP is an exception.”