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Kejriwal asks party candidates to open account in "Jan Dhan Yojana" for easy forfeiture of deposits after losing elections

30, Aug 2014 By zhootareportor

Modi government’s much publicized,  “Jan Dhan Yojana” has proved out to be one of the most successful government schemes during last ten years. Apart from attracting depositors from weaker section of the society, it has also attracted attention of another kind of specie often referred to as, “AAM AADMI PARTY”. So much has been the influence of the scheme on AAM AADMI Party that Arvind Kejriwal has termed this scheme as not just wonderful but one that provides ease and comfort to his party. This statement of Arvind Kejriwal is noteworthy as he has often behaved as beta noire of Modi.

Arvind Kejriwal
Kejria showing how many more elections they will lose

Arvind Kejriwal has stated in the most recent press release that with Jan Dhan Yojana in place our candidates will have ease in forfeiting their deposits in forthcoming elections. He has asked all the prospective candidates across country to take benefit of the scheme and immediately open account under the scheme. Arvind Kejriwal has further gone on to say that on the lines of Initial Public Offer (IPOs) of the companies, the deposit in the bank account of the candidates should be blocked when they decide to fight  Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections and make application to the Election Commission in this regard.

Once election gets over and results are announced, the blocked amount in the deposit account of AAP candidates should be automatically debited as they are likely to naturally forfeit their deposits in elections. Also he has said that rather than forfeiture of deposits, the Election Commission should use the term , “Amount Debited” to honour the hard work put by his party candidates. This confidence of Arvind Kejriwal comes in the wake of better than expected performance of AAP candidates where they not just lost their deposits but also ensured that they get less than 100 votes per polling booths.