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Kejriwal asks Kulasekara to join Aam Aadmi party

18, Mar 2015 By Shailesh Kaushik

New Delhi: After Kulasekara  walked without being  given out by umpire in World cup QF, Kejriwal offered him to join Aam Aadmi Party.

our correspondent Charkha Butt has reported that Kejriwal has hailed Kulasekara for being honest and asked him to join Aam Aadmi Party. He said Kulasekara has proved that he’s a real Aam Aadmi as Aam Aadmi is always honest and all the corrupt people are only found in government and political parties except AAP. He goes on saying that he will demand that Kulasekara should be inducted in Indian team by the government to show that they are working for aam aadmi.

An honest Aam Aadmi Kulsekara
An honest Aam Aadmi Kulsekara

On being asked about the feasibility of this demand as Kulasekara is a foreign national. He playfully coughed and said, “aam aadma ka koi desh ni hota ji… aam aadmi aam aadmi hota hai ji… ye sab desh videsh to politicians ne bana diye ji… sab mile hue hain ji.. ye nhi chahte ki aam aadmi aage badhe” (There is no country for aam aadmi.. aam aadmi is just an aam admi.. all this nationality crap is made by politicians as they dont want aam aadmi to prosper).

Some people objected to Kejriwal ji promoting Kulasekara as aam aadmi as he is beyond rich. To that Ashish khetan replied that they would do some poverty parameters realignment to bring Kulasekara into Gareeeb Aam Aadmi category and emphasized that parameter realignment is a political truth and was also done by congress.

Some news also emerged that Yogendra Yadav has opposed the move of bringing Kulasekara in. As an alternative he advised that Aam admi Party should ride on its success and look forward to expanding in Sri Lanka, projecting Kulasekaraa as party president. Interestingly the move has been opposed by Kejriwal and the supporter group has said that if anyone can be president it can only be Kejriwal ji and asked him to take the responsibility of being president along with the CM post.

Sanjay Singh also added that Kulasekara’s “leaving without asking in middle of crisis” policy also closely resembles Aaam Aadmi Party’s philosophy specially the high command and so its only natural for him to join Aam aadmi party. Meanwhile it was also announced in his press conference that the Umpire who did not give him out was actually Modi’s man and that he should be subjected to CBI investigation.

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